Chenchule’ (Donation)

COVID19 Response Partner

The Sons & Daughters of Guam Club, Inc. (Guam Club) is working to end hunger in our community by a food drive campaign. The campaign will start in June 2020. The Guam Club is partnering with Chamorro-owned restaurants in the San Diego area to help this campaign.

Food boxes will be provided to each restaurant for regular patrons and first time customers to drop off their donations or to donate online at while ordering their food from San Diego based restuarants. This campaign will promote Chamorro businesses in the San Diego area and will help our community provide food assistance to Chamorro families. Guam Club representatives will pick up the food boxes every two weeks or when notified by the restaurants.

If you would like to donate to the the Sons & Daughters of Guam Club, we would very much appreciate it. The monetary donations will help with the operations and upkeep of the Guam Club which includes but not limited to the Maintenance, Power, Water & Trash. We have been able to operate since 1953 with the help of your donations. Click on the Donation Bottom to do so.

Mission Statement

According to GuamPedia, Chenchule’ is a support system of exchange in which families express their care and concern for each other, as well as a sense of obligation to each other while working together to help each family meet its needs. This has been a practice since ancient times.

The Program’s mission is to help Chamorro families who are in need during this uncertainty. The need is not limited to food but it is first and foremost, so that Chamorro families who cannot afford to buy food do not go hungry. 

Dry Foods & Goods You Can Donate

  • Calrose Rice
  • Can Goods – Spam, Corn Beef, Vienna Sausage, Veggies , etc…
  • Ichiban
  • Flour
  • Sugar
  • Coffee
  • Bottled Water
  • Napkins
  • Toilet Paper

We do accept the following as well.

Cleaning Supplies

  • push brooms
  • dust pans
  • dish soap
  • pine sol
  • sponges
  • rags
  • mops
  • mop bucket
  • dust broom
  • paint (White or Tan)

We appreciate your kindness. Do contact us if you have any questions. Un dånkolo na si yu’os ma’åse’! Thank you very much!