The Guam Club is a unique organization because the members have a large voice.  We hold a monthly General Assembly Meeting on the first Sunday of every month.  During these meetings, the Board of Directors and Officers will discuss items related to the Guam Club operations, programs and pretty much anything pertaining to the organization itself.

The members can question any items discussed during the General Assembly meeting.  For plans to go into action, the members have to vote with a majority rule for subject matters to move forward.

The membership for the Guam Club is an annual cost of $25 or a one time fee of $150 for Life Time membership.  You will be sworn in at the General Assembly meeting which is held the first Sunday of every month.

Name (First & Last on App)


We hope to see you at the next General Assembly or contact us today if you have any questions.  Si yu’os ma’ase!

Since Ever Since Members 

Mrs. Josephine Ada
Mr. Juan R. Aflague
Mr. Frank Aguon
Mr. Pete P. Aguon
Mr. Jose A Aquiningoc
Mr. Tito Baza
Mrs. Hortensia Baza
Mr. Manuel C. Blas
Mrs. Isabel C. Blas
Mr. Joe Borha
Mrs. Masako Borha
Mr. Juan R. Borha
Mrs. Ana P. Borha
Mr. Joaquin M. Camacho
Mr. Jose Camacho
Mrs. Carmen Camacho
Mr. Jose Q. Cepeda
Mrs. Isabel D. Cepeda
Mrs. Bobbie Cepeda
Mr. Bino Concepcion
Mrs. Matia Concepcion
Mr. Ernique Concepcion
Mrs. Florence Concepcion
Mr. Henry Cruz
Mr. Jose T. Cruz
Mr. Juan B. Cruz
Mr. Juan L. Duenas
Mr. Ignacio LG. Flores
Mrs. Helen Flores
Mr. Jessie B. Ganido
Mrs. Carmen F. Garrido
Mr. Tomas Garrido
Mrs. Sylvia Garrido
Mr. Teddy Garrido
Mrs. Antonia B. Garrido
Mrs. Ana D. Guerreo
Mr. Pedro C. Guerrero
Mrs. Jose Gumataotao
Mrs. Emiliana Gumataotao
Mrs. Anna Herbers
Mr. Ed Herbers
Mrs. Carmen O. Herrero
Mr. Barcardi Iglesias
Mr. Tommy Ignacio
Mrs. Felesita O. Ignacio
Mr. Pedro T. Limtiaco
Mrs. Martha C. Limtiaco
Mr. Jose A. Manalisay
Mrs. Lordes Mantane
Mr. Wayne Martin
Mrs. Millie Martin
Mr. Carlos Matanane
Mr. Jose A. Mendiola
Mrs. Ramona Mendiola
Mr. Frank S. Nauta
Mrs. Dominica D. Nauta
Mrs. Antonia Okins
Mr. P. Olino
Mr. Vicente Pablo
Mrs. Dolores Pablo
Mr. Pat Padula
Mrs. Chane Padula
Mr. George C. Perez
Mrs. Mariquita M. Perez
Mr. Jesus D. Perez
Mr. John A Perez
Mr. (LCDR) Frank Pittington
Mrs. Faye Pittington
Mrs. Catalina P. Terrado
Mr. Juan Q. Rapolla
Mr. Juan Reyes
Mr. Ramon Sablan
Mrs. Rosa B. Sablan
Mr. Juan G. Sablan
Mr. Manuel Sablan
Mr. Vicente Sablan
Mrs. Jennette Sablan
Mr. Edward Sablan
Mr. Juan Salas
Mrs. Beatrice Salas
Mr. William Salas
Mr. Anthony M. San Agustin
Mr. Adtian C. Sanchez
Mrs. Beatrice M. Schroeder
Mr. Guillermo T. Taitano
Mrs. Rosa F. Taitano
Mr. Joel Taitano
Mr. Phil Ten-ado
Mr. Augusto S. Terlaje
Mr. Jose S. Valenzuela
Mrs. Helen H. Valenzuela
Mr. Luke Villagomez
Mr. John N. Williams

The creation of the Sons & Daughters of Guam Club led to the formation of the village clubs in San Diego, and inspired the establishment of similar clubs in the following areas: Los Angeles, Long Beach, Washington D.C., Florida and Bremerton.