Leadership Council

Hafa Adai!  With the thriving CHamoru community in San Diego, this is an important meeting unifying leaders through communication on upcoming events, concerns and/or questions from their prospective patrons.

Each of the leaders listed below is a member of the San Diego CHamoru Leadership Council. The purpose of the Council is to collaborate and strengthen bonds among the groups, meet to cover current agenda items as well as to make announcements and coordinate schedules. The SDGC President conducts meetings and facilitates discussion and collaboration. Meetings are held the first Sunday of every month at the SDGC clubhouse at noon.

If you are interested in addressing the Council, or would like more information, contact us at info@GuamClub.org.

Patron Saint: Santa Rosa
Celebrated Month: August
Contact: Bernie Aguon
Phone: 619-470-0144
Email: bernie33@cox.net

Patron Saint: Niño Perdido
Celebrated Month: January
Contact: Bernie Toves Iseman
Phone: 619-322-3326
Email: bernie3147@yahoo.com

Patron Saint: San Roke
Celebrated Month: August
Name:  Fred Blas
Phone: 619-990-4900
Email: FBlas1957@gmail.com

(Chamorro Hands in Education Links Unity)
Contact: Danny Blas
Email: info@chelusd.org

Patron Saint: Santa Barbara
Celebrated Month: November
Contact: Tony Taijeron
Phone: 254-258-6719
Email: tondeetaijeron@hotmail.com

Patron Saint: St. Joseph
Celebrated Month: March
Contact: Lucy Isaacson
Phone: 619-990-0395
Email: LucySNI@aol.com

Patron Saint: Santa Teresita
Celebrated Month: September
Contact: Jeannette L. Perez
Phone: 619-341-0143
Email: jenlperez@cox.net

Patron Saint: San Dimas
Celebrated Month: April
Contact: Fermin Cruz
Phone: 619-933-3069
Email: FerminCruzSr@gmail.com

Patron Saint: Assumption of Our Lady
Celebrated Month: August
Contact: Peter Quenga
Phone: 619-847-0974
Email: pitisd@pitisandiego.org

Santa Rita
Patron Saint: Santa Rita
Celebrated Month: May
Contact: Julie Jones
Phone: 619-600-9119
Email: julieq54@yahoo.com

Patron Saint: St. Jude Thaddeus
Celebrated Month: October
Contact: Jess Perez
Phone: 619-421-7703
Email: JesusPerez1@att.net

Patron Saint: St. Francis of Assisi
Celebrated Month: October
Contact: Frances J. San Agustin
Phone: 619-995-5713
Email: francesjsanagustin@gmail.com