San Roke Finakpo’

Barrigada San Roke Group of Southern California

San Roke Finakpo’

San Roke Finakpo'
San Roke Finakpo’

Date: Saturday – August 25th, 2018 Continue reading “San Roke Finakpo’”

Agat Fiesta

Agat Social Club of California

Agat Club Fiesta
Agat Club Fiesta

cordially invites you and your family to our Continue reading “Agat Fiesta”

Yona Casino Run

St. Francis (Yona) Fiesta Group

St Francis Casino
St Francis Casino Fundraiser

@ Golden Acorn

When: June 24 Continue reading “Yona Casino Run”

Santa Marian Kamalen

Santa Marian Kamalen

Santa Marian Kamalen
Santa Marian Kamalen

Nightly Novena’s at the Clubhouse at 7pm starting May 3rd through May 12th Continue reading “Santa Marian Kamalen”

St. Anthony – Tamuning

St. Anthony

St Anthony
St Anthony

Nobena 7pm Nightly
June 5-13, 2018 Continue reading “St. Anthony – Tamuning”

Piti Fiesta

16th Annual Piti Fiesta
The Assumption of Our Lady

Piti Fiesta 2018
Piti Fiesta 2018

Saturday, August 4, 2018 Continue reading “Piti Fiesta”

Santa Teresita – Mangilao

Santa Teresita Mangilao
Foundation of San Diego

St Teresita - Mangilao
St Teresita – Mangilao

September 14-22, 108
Nobena 7pm nightly Continue reading “Santa Teresita – Mangilao”

Santa Rita

Fiestan Santa Rita
32nd Anniversary

Santa Rita Fiesta
Santa Rita Fiesta

Saturday, May 26, 2018 Continue reading “Santa Rita”

Inarajan – St Joseph

St. Joseph – Inarajan

St Joseph - Inarajan Fiesta
St Joseph – Inarajan Fiesta

Nobenas Continue reading “Inarajan – St Joseph”