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Hello and welcome to the Sons and Daughters of Guam Club, Inc. (SDGCI).

Founded in 1953, SDGC continues serving as a gathering place for the Chamorro community, and actively preserving the Chamorro culture by hosting fundraisers, fiestas, senior lunches, cultural events, and club meetings. With the majority of its members primarily located in southern California, SDGC members can be found in San Diego, Guam, and throughout the world.

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The Sons and Daughters of Guam Club is dedicated to preserving our native Chamorro culture and language by promoting and educating our Chamorro people and the general public on our culture, language, and to improve the general well-being of our serving community.

A Home Away From Home.

By: Guilllermo Taitano (Gil)

Somewhere back in time, the spring of 1953, the formation of a Sons and Daughters of Guam Club began in San Diego, California. The initiators of the club were Jose Flores (Cabesa), also known as Joe Flores, and Guillermo Taitano (Calextro) also known as Gil Taitano.

Joe Flores came to California when he was sent by the bishop of Guam to continue his studies for the priesthood. Family problems and the draft board changed all that for him. Joe then joined the Marine Corps stationed in Camp Pendleton. He left the service after the Second World War.
Jose Flores (Cabesa) First President, and Wife Remedio
Joe lived in San Diego with his cousin Jose Aquiningoc (Cabesa). It was during this time that he started the idea of a Guam Club. Years later, Joe joined the Merchant Marines on Guam. It was soon after this that he caught pneumonia and passed away.

Jose Flores
Jose Flores

Gil Taitano joined the Navy in 1937 and was stationed in San Diego. In 1950, he decided to move his wife Rosa Reyes Finona and their children to San Diego while still in service with the Navy. It was during this time that Gil met Joe and helped him with the idea of starting a Guam club. At present, Gil Taitano still resides in his first home in San Diego.

The club was formulated to serve common interests such as learning English, so that our members and their children could compete in the American mainstream and still keep the customs of their Chamorro heritage. It also served as a recreational outlet in the form of a softball team that played on the weekends. Through the group efforts of its founding members and weekly meetings, the idea of a Guamerican club became a reality.


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